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Sunday, May 12, 2013


It's been a while. The short of it is that I've been pre-occupied with searching for a new job and some disappointing results with grad school admissions.

After seventy job applications in the summer of 2012, I developed a habit of asking people how I could improve my chances as an applicant. It was a good way of showing there were no hard feelings and to network a little and also, you know, I could learn something. I did that this time around for grad school - sending thank you letters and  asking for advice. Some of it was encouraging and vague, but  one commented, "The writing sample was much less sophisticated than what we look for in a potential MFA student... far more students we admit are not yet publishing than are, [but] it should give you an indication of the level of expertise we expect."

The professor didn't have to write me back, and I am glad for the honesty. Though I do think some of the writer's opinion is a bit presumptuous since one of the stories in my portfolio was published in Daily Science Fiction (which was noted on my CV in my application).

I need to move on. And so I am starting a new website where I will now post updates.

Please refer to www.samferree.com for more things.