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Sunday, November 20, 2011

On the New Orleans Fringe Part 1: The Limiting Factor

Exhaustion prevented me from making plans and so I followed. Steph made all the arrangements and so, at the far end of the weekend, here I am and Cafe Envie with a semi-beginning. I just saw five shows at the New Orleans Fringe Festival and I picked none of them myself. It has been a remarkable experience, surrendering to the surprise.

But, I'll get into that later. On Friday one of my coworkers remarked that I look perpetually hung over. Apparently I'm exhibiting the signs of a rock star life with none of the benefits. All the edges seemed to have frayed. I told someone the other day that my fingertips are my favorite part of my body and I was as surprised as her. But it was my fingertips that said it, embracing a pen.

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