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Saturday, January 7, 2012

No! I Refuse! I… I… I’m Going to Grad School!

Honestly, I never quite understood the Urgency of the desire to go to grad school is until I got an eight-to-five Job.

Maybe I just haven’t learned the knack of living with such intractable constraints. But, I honestly can’t figure out how other people balance work and family and hobbies all in 24 hours.

That is the greatest obstacle to Resolutions.

Usually, resolving to do things is easy. I could promise to do anything. But suddenly I have limitations. And my job has brought out the cynic and pessimist in me. Suddenly, I rarely think about aspirations and dreams so much as processes and the clearly attainable.

Since becoming a grant writer, I have become obsessed with budgets and strategic plans.

But, I will not let that stop me now. I shall make promises and keep them this year because, really, it’s the End of the World, and so I need to make this one count.

Anyway, the aspirations are divided up into writing goals and life goals, because that’s the only distinction I make on a day-to-day basis.

Writing Goals:
1.  Keep writing at least once a week in Scribbler’s Doorless Room. Make at least one post every month about writing. Do a book review every two months. That sounds manageable.
2.  At some point, write a story/essay/play/poem every day for a week and post it in Scribbler’s Doorless Room. If that works, go for a month. If that works, keep going until exhaustion takes hold.
3.  Write one new story/essay/play/poem and revise one old story/essay/play/poem every month.
4.  Submit my “finished” plays to more competitions.
5.  Film “The Fear of”.

Life Goals:
1.  Be a better grant writer and copywriter. … And figure out what that means. Getting more money, I suppose. That works for me.
2.  Get into grad school. Or reapply.
3.  Or get a Fulbright. Or reapply.
4.  Or get a job teaching English abroad. Or reapply.
5.  Or get a salaried job writing copy or grants. Or reapply.
6.  Or get a job with AmeriCorps and do good work.
7.  Read at least a book a week.
8.  Laugh and smile more often, so as to confuse my enemies.

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