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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ren Fest

After the Robin Hood comedy sketch at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, I saw the lead actor chewing carrots and hummus in a pottery shop across from the stage. I was still crying from laughter. The audience was still shelling out tips into leather caps. The proprietor, said, "Where's my old Rudy? You're not like this." The actor shook his head, "I can't keep doing this man. I'm too tired." "Where's my old Rudy?"

That was eight years ago. Two weeks ago, I went to the Ren Fair with A and D. The actor was still performing, still making the audience laugh. It's incredible what we all endure.


"Where You End and the World Begins" is now available on Daily Science Fiction.


Today, A and I are going to visit every St. Paul book store in a few mile radius around our apartment. This could take all day. And if it does it will be a day well spent.


During the month of October I've resolved to get my portfolio together and read nothing but Lovecraft and other horror. I need my fix, and what better month to do it?

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