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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tribute: Marcus Aurelius' Meditations


My high school western civ. teacher, Mr. Daddow, taught me that everything has an economic reason. And to make sure to have my affairs are in order should a crowd come to my door proclaiming me, "An enemy of the people."

A's cats taught me sloth.

From my roommate, D. the Viking, I have learned many puns.

L taught me how to change a bike tire and how to endure untenable living situations.

IB gave me a crash course in feminism every time we spoke and, in many ways, gave me New Orleans.

Will M. taught me the absolute value of learning to say, "Meh."

A has, and continues to teach me about living my life the way I want to.

To my family I owe my bibliophilia, dissatisfaction with easy answers, and love of learning.

From a New Orleans nonprofit leader I learned that bluster and arrogance will get you far in life.

Josh G. taught me that if I ever begin a sentence, "[Group of people]..." what follows had better not be anecdotal.

To Rachel Swirsky I owe most of what I know about writing and that a story isn't done until you sit down for the nth time to revise it and start to cry.

From all my Iowa City friends I've learned more than I really wanted to know. But most recently, they taught me how to laugh again.

Raymond Carver taught me to never use tricks.

To Marcus Aurelius I owe the revelation that I owe a debt to everyone for who I am.

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