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Monday, May 2, 2011

About Why This Blog Shouldn't Exist

It seems appropriate to start with a story.

Yesterday, at work, we were just about to close and my coworker, L, was mopping while I moved tables around so I could vacuum the carpet when I started laughing hysterically.  L turned around and asked, "What are you laughing about?"

"No.  It's just…" I sputtered, struggled back into control and said, "My friends and I were watching Alien the other day and we were talking about how the music is shit.  But, it's not bad, because you don't notice it.  It works really well as a score, but not as music.  Then somehow we got into a discussion about how the movie would've been completely ruined if Danny Elfman had done the music.  Can you imagine that?  The theme from Beetlejuice playing when you get the first glimpse of the Xenomorph?"

At that point I burst out laughing again while L stared at me, heroically trying to smile. 

After a moment I choked out, "Never ask me why I'm laughing."

People like me shouldn't be allowed to have blogs.


  1. Also Sam likes to say: "You're a good Man (insert Name here)!". He does tend to scribble!
    I would really like to read, from a literary point of view, why American Males have the tendency to wear serious shoes. Serious in the sense of practical that is.

  2. Christ, I've missed you. (that just hit me now, like a low-flying and malicious duck. made the same warbling quack, too).

  3. $hmaex: American men wear serious shoes because they are Serious Men. If you examined the average American male's Y Chromosome you would find it substantially different from those of men from other countries, particularly in the peculiar $ shaped genes. We're genetically predisposed toward profit and manly, Hemingway-ee things. To do that, we need Serious Shoes. (Get your Serious Shoes at a your local Walmart).

    Floraldeoderant: I miss you too, my dear friend. But we'll be seeing each other soon! I'll keep my eye out for ducks.

  4. Nice explanation oh wise Samuel =) I had to think of the first crossing of our paths the other day...T'was a sunny day on the Augustiner Platz and I can't forget how shaken and disturbed you were about two german guys laughing their asses of at Hitler being shot in Inglorious Basterds...

  5. And silly, optimistic me, I thought and hoped that would be the last time you traumatized me.