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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In Preparation of the Wisconsin Odyssey

This weekend I'm going to Madison, Wisconsin to attend Wiscon.  This will be the finale to the Month of Insanity, which has included two weddings, one convention, sporadic and cruel work scheduling, and a steady river of friends milling about my and A's apartment.  It's been Fun, but I can feel my nerves fraying.  Fun's enough, though.

Anyway, I'm road tripping with A, R, L, M, An Owomoyela and Jei Marcade.  It will be an interesting experience since the last time I drove up to Madison I spent the entire four hour journey listening to Nick Cave's Murder Ballads.  That tends to have a negative effect on a man's psyche.  I now associate going to Madison with Death and Desolation.  Prior experiences have been better, though.  I've been to Wiscon twice before and I've always had a pleasant time.  It will be wonderful to see my former teacher and mentor Rachel Swirsky (who just one the Nebula for best novella).  Along the way I'm also going to stop by and say hello to an old friend, Derek the Viking, and probably get into Trouble downtown, which suits me fine.

This time I'm going equipped with Moo business cards.  They Will probably live and be forgotten in my pocket, but I take strange comfort in having them there.  Stole that idea from Jei.

That's about it for now.

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